Jack Thompson has featured in The Bolton News

Jack Thompson has featured in The Bolton News

Jack Thompson, author of 'Spain, Guard my Bones' has featured in an article in The Bolton News.

Jack Thompson is a former BBC correspondent and has used his experiences to create a series of political thrillers. Take a look at his book 'Spain, Guard my Bones' for an inspiring insight into the life of Jack and see him draw on past adventures throughout.

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Journalist Charlie Barrow originally intends to explore Spain as a tourist, to relax and escape from the pressures of work. But after his arrival in Castillo, where a mass grave of Civil War victims has been discovered, Barrow can't resist the temptation to follow his gut and seek answers. Accompanied by an intelligent lawyer, Carlito, and a beautiful archaeologist, Elena, Barrow wastes no time making enemies of a powerful political party and another, misguided, lawyer, Ortiz. Chasing the story of corruption in a land where old-fashioned political prejudices die hard, Barrow travels from country to city, and back again. Dodging bullets, Arab bodyguards, and untrustworthy officials, the shambling journalist seems certain to face many triumphs as well as the loss of friendships, loves and hopes.  

Jack Thompson