James Bay Beacon featured ‘Father, Unknown’s Review

James Bay Beacon featured ‘Father, Unknown’s Review

The local community’s newspaper, ‘James Bay Beacon’ featured a review about Francois Mai’s latest novel, ’Father, Unknown’. The review says, ‘If you enjoy reading about human interactions in a different time period, about love and squalor, and the unfairness of things along with the differences in medical knowledge and the risks some took to further the knowledge, this novel is for you’.

The book takes us into the time lapse of the French revolution. This is the story of courage, devotion, mystery, and betrayal that is set against the backdrop of violent days that accompanied the creation of a Republic under Maximillian Robespierre.

The heart of the story is Marie-Anne who is a strong but vulnerable courageous woman. She bears a child out of wedlock and now she has to live with it facing intolerance and recrimination.

Marcel, her son, now has to make his own way in life with the spirit of finding his own father.

The story is beautifully explained with the feel of unforgettable characters coming to life on the pages and the mood, sights, and sounds of this turbulent time in history, neatly interlacing the real-life characters.

The author, Francois Mai was born in South Africa. He spent his early life there and became a Canadian citizen in 1977. He got his medical degree from the University of Cape Town and completed his psychiatric training in UK and US.

He lives in Ottawa and is a professional member of Canadian Authors.

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