Janet Dwyer takes Photo with ‘Heavenly Red’

Janet Dwyer takes Photo with ‘Heavenly Red’

The author of the book ‘Heavenly Red’, Miss Janet Dwyer snapped a photo with her latest book.

The book is about a young man who finds himself in the midst of handling three different women in his life. His mother, sister, and lover. He finds his situation very difficult and desperately wants to be forgiven by his family when some strange spiritual events occur. The consequences get out of his control and he finds himself very incompetent at the verge of his life.

The story is based on the past where men were judged and scrutinized on the basis of their good deeds and behavior.

Janet Dwyer lives in South Taranaki, New Zealand under a beautiful mountain and on the verge of the Tasman Sea which is itself very poetic in nature. She raised three children there with her late husband.

 She had interests in genealogy which lead her to become a real state manager. She also taught Art and Craft at a local Polytechnic school.

 She has this intense love for writing poetry which emotionally inspired her to write simple fictional stories. She dedicates this book to all her family members which according to her is the wind beneath her wings.