JD DeHart took an interview with author Leonard Durso

JD DeHart took an interview with author Leonard Durso

Author of Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights, Leonard Durso, was interviewed by JD DeHart Reading and Literature Resources on 24th of October 2017. Recognized for their book reviews and author interviews, JD DeHart has achieved substantial milestones in the world of books.

The Interview revolved around the literary quests of Leonard with detailed questions about his modern romantic tale Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights. The author also shared the inspiration behind this book. He told that it came from his another book, Night & Day, which was set in New York.

Although, Night & Day couldn’t make it to the large but his life in Turkey as a foreign educator had something special to do with his latest contemporary romance. Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights is a story of different characters bound by their cultural differences, who are trying to navigate their way through love and artistic life.

It’s a reimaging of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet but with a modern touch and more importantly set in the backdrop of Turkey’s most beautiful city, Istanbul. According to Leonard, may be this balancing of cultures and mixing of Shakespeare’s tragic romance with modern touch has made this book such a success.  

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