Joan Shirley Davies book ‘Money is Easy’ got featured in Oswestry Advertiser

Joan Shirley Davies book ‘Money is Easy’ got featured in Oswestry Advertiser

The author, Joan Shirley’s page-turner novel, ‘Money is Easy’ got a newspaper feature in Oswestry Advertisers. Joan published this novel after much of rejections for her writings. She was reaching her 70s when she decided to make things happen for herself.

Lizzy Yardley is the protagonist of the story who is a wedding gown designer. She is currently going through some financial crisis that was caused by her family problems. She is looking for a quick exit but can’t get through it because of mysterious and dangerous incidents happening to her.


She meets this wealthy, good-looking man, Tony Franklyn, who is suffering from the painful loss of his girlfriend. Tony is neither looking for any kind of relationship nor so does Lizzy but there is a definite Chemistry between them which they both can’t deny.

 Lizzy needs his help and it is increasingly becoming difficult for her to reject him but what if he discovers her secret which caused her a broken engagement.


This is the book that marks her transition from a playwright to novelist. This is a well-written book with appropriate dialogues having a taste of realistic and real features.

The author, Joan Shirley Davies is from Shropshire who lives with her actor husband. She is a very lively lady who loves to engage and communicate. She loved acting but hated the life so she went for writing plays.