Joan Shirley- Davies goes to Pengwern Books for the event

Joan Shirley- Davies goes to Pengwern Books for the event

An author event happened at the Pengwern Books, Shrewsbury. Author of the book ‘Money is Easy’, Joan Shirley – Davies attended the event and talked to the attendees about her book. The author promoted her book at the event.

This book’s story is about a girl, Lizzy Yardley, who is a designer of wedding gowns but loses her business to the cause of family problems. She tries hard day and night to restock her business but mysterious and dangerous happenings set her back and she has no idea of whatever is happening.

She is reluctant to go to the police and this leads her to accept the help of Tony Franklin who is her wealthy landlord. Tony’s girlfriend recently got killed in Paris and is suffering a painful loss.

Lizzy is not looking for any relationship but there is definitely some chemistry between her and her landlord. She finds it difficult to reject him but it would be more difficult if he finds her secret which already led her to a broken engagement once.

The author, Joan Shirley- Davies resides in Shropshire. She always wanted to be a writer and an actor. She loves to socialize and entertain people.

Although she likes acting but little did admiration left for it in her heart now and this is why she opted for writing plays. This book marks her transition from playwright to novelist.