Joanne Herkes gets her book recognized by ‘The Seniors’ newspaper

Joanne Herkes gets her book recognized by ‘The Seniors’ newspaper

Author, Joanne Herkes, gets herself noticed by the Australian Newspaper, The Seniors, for her historical fiction, ‘Grace Under Pressure’. It is a leading newspaper in Australia that is tailored especially for mature readers.

The plot begins when Grace Haynes, a school teacher takes her position in an outback town in Australia. On her arrival here, she hasn’t got any idea that a century before, another young women named Virginia Campbell, has set events in motion that would become a matter of life and death for her.

Even after moving from the town of Granite Ridge, she is unable to break this link. In fact, more sinister forces act to strengthen the bonds that are established between the two.

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Now a chain of events start taking place in Aborton—the garden town. These events, that are full of danger and leading to love, propel Grace deeper towards the point where she and Virginia ultimately travel the same path into their future together.

On the whole, a refreshing and heart-warming story that is quite hard to put down.