Junction Magazine features Book Review of ‘Tasman Echo Alpha’

Junction Magazine features Book Review of ‘Tasman Echo Alpha’

The Junction Magazine has featured a book review of Guy Clapshaw’s ‘Tasman Echo Alpha’. The article says,’ His latest book Tasman Echo Alpha records his days with TEAL, later Air New Zealand, from the mid-1960’s. The company had three aircraft, pilots were banned because of fraternizing with the hostesses and landing at night in Hong Kong was a buzz like no other.’

This book is about the overstated experiences of a former Air New Zealand pilot. It was a time when the airline flights were magical and romantic to many people. This includes the golden age of the Air New Zealand and the glory that it carried around in those days. The protagonists of the story include Richard Whacker and an aircraft scheduler who used to get all the aircraft overseas and back to New Zealand.

The experience with the New Zealand airlines is for sure better, safer and faster now but the excitement and romance are long gone, the book says. In the past, there would be consequences around for the airline's staff socializing with the air hostesses. And the author not only broke the rule but also married one of the air hostesses.

The author’s career started when he got the scholarship at the age of seventeen and it was when he won one in R.A.F. Clapshaw got two years of R.A.F Pilot’s course and it is when he encountered many bizarre situations in aviation. The author is an experienced pilot who has flown almost every flying machine of his time.

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