Karen and David featured in Hertfordshire Life Magazine

Karen and David featured in Hertfordshire Life Magazine

Hertfordshire Life featured authors Karen and David Levy in the September edition of the magazine. 

The duo discuss their new book 'The Kingdom of Puli' and explains the inspiration behind the book. The full article can be seen below. 


Karen David

The British husband and wife team, calling themselves Karen David, believe strongly that people are far too busy in their manic modern lives to find time to sit down with their family and enjoy a traditional fantasy story. Their aim is to give readers around the world an excuse to do just that. They have spent the past six years composing this heart-warming tale.

Their beloved late Jimmy, a Hungarian Puli, is the entire reason the writing project was conceived. The couple described him as a ‘maverick' and ‘daily proof that good things in the world always triumph over the bad every time'.

Children wanted to know why Jimmy looked like a woolly sheep. They began creating stories about him and found that children enjoyed listening to them, which was when the Kingdom of Puli was born.

Karen is a 52-year-old housewife, who had a dream of writing a story that a family can all enjoy together. Karen has suffered with a crippling form of Lupus for six years, although there is no known cure for lupus, there is treatment available for the lupus patient. Karen has been able to put her heart and soul into the book allowing her to forget about her Lupus when it hurt the most, as well as coming to terms with the tragic passing of their dog and dear close friend.

She co-wrote the book with her husband David, and both of them feel as though writing the book has brought them closer together as a couple.

'The Kingdom of Puli'

The Kingdom of Puli tells the tale of three generations of the Royal Puli Family. The Pulies are a highly intelligent species that are dog-like in appearance.

The Kingdom of Puli is a magical place, mystical horses fly across the sky and gladiators perform battles in the Great Arena. The Royal Family of Puli have magical powers, which are bestowed on them by the highest wizard. They are only allowed to use their magic for good not evil.

Any Puli caught practicing evil is banished to Togo: a dark horrible swampland on the borders of the Kingdom.

The story begins when the Evil Warlock casts a spell on Prince Ceaser and turns him into an ordinary dog. Then he locks him in an old chest and transports him to earth. A little girl called Lilly finds the chest in her garden shed.

Lilly enters in the magical world of adventure and friendship with the Pulies. This spans over three generations of her family. They accompany the Puli princes on exciting quests to save the kingdom from being destroyed by the Evil Warlock.

These dangerous quests send them back in time to the medieval England, the Crimean War and to Togo; as they have to bring back important objects that belonged to famous historical figures; for Wizard Merlin to use in a spell to save the kingdom.

The reader will be introduced to all the colourful characters from the Kingdom of Puli; Wizard Merlin, General Hercules, King Brutus, Queen Allegra and many others.

It is an old fashioned tale of good versus evil that will keep the reader gripped to the story from start to finish. We allow them into the secret kingdom of Puli that is hidden above the clouds where magic exists.

Open the book and be transported to a faraway kingdom...


If you are interest in Karen and David attending an event near you, please contact publicity@austinmacauley.com. Alternatively see Karen and David's upcoming events on our events page an Facebook page for more details.