Karen David Featured in Jewish News Online

Karen David Featured in Jewish News Online

Karen and David Levy have featured in the Jewish News Online, discussing their fantastic children's book, 'The Kingdom of Puli'. Here's an extract from the article:

'Children were also the inspiration behind a new fantasy book for youngsters, The Kingdom of Puli, written by husband-and-wife Karen and David Levy under their pen name, Karen David.

Wherever the couple went, be it the park, supermarket or in town, children would ask about their late Hungarian Puli, Jimmy, intrigued by his long fur that resembled white dreadlocks...

The Kingdom of Puli is a magical place, featuring mystical flying horses, gladiators who fight in the Great Arena, magical trees that line the streets and have diamonds and rubies dangling from the branches. The streets are indeed paved with gold...

The couple say the message they want children to take from it is that good conquers evil, and the importance of values such as friendship and loyalty.  “The modern world is so fast-paced that people need to get back to basics,” say the Radlett Reform Synagogue members, who are concerned by people’s preference for technology over conversation.'

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