Keith Bullock Featured on Worchester News

Keith Bullock Featured on Worchester News

Keith Bullock and his book ‘The Winning Ticket’ continue to create a buzz. The Worchester News featured the author in an article recently. The article talks about some amazing circumstances and details from the author’s life.

Bullock is an avid traveler who has spent time in various countries around the world. Somewhere along the way he discovered the story of Rakesh Singh, a general store owner who is struggling to make ends meet and provide for his family.

The weight of his family’s aspirations and demand is increasing and Rakesh doesn’t know what to do. It is in these difficult times when he is tempted by fate in the most extraordinary way.

He finds a lottery ticket, not just any old lottery ticket, a winning one. The problem is that the ticket was left there by a drunken person.

Now the protagonist of the story is put into an ethical dilemma. Use the ticket and get all the money, which will solve every problem he is facing or find the owner of the ticket, do the right thing, and return it? Author as masterfully explored human psychology and nature in the story.

Readers can easily relate to it and see how one struggles with a conscience when a similar choice is presented to them.

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