‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’ called “Good, Well Thought out”

‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’ called “Good, Well Thought out”

Reviewer Brian Case called ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’ “a compelling story which just keeps going”. The review of Les Clarke’s book appeared in Life Begins Magazine.

The book has received a lot of praise in the form of positive reviews and this is yet another feather in its cap.

We meet a small-time loser called Kevin Doyle, he makes money by stealing things and doing some driving for unsavory people.

He wanted to have a relaxing day of fishing one day but that day changed his life for the worst.

When he goes fishing at the lake, he discovers a body in the water adorned with rings and jewelry. He takes the jewelry and tries to sell them to make some money.

Little does he know, the body was a gangster’s wife and Kevin has made a biggest mistake of his life by stealing the belongings.

A local Bournemouth author and award winning playwright, Les has lived a rich life. He has held a myriad of employments in years passed.

Currently he loves to write and direct plays. This crime thriller is his first novel and he has done an absolutely wonderful job of it.

The novel is a page turner from start to finish, with plenty of action and mystery to keep you turning the pages until you get to the very end.