‘Kids in Ibiza’ features Jo Gibson of ‘Mousey: Ibiza Adventures’

‘Kids in Ibiza’ features Jo Gibson of ‘Mousey: Ibiza Adventures’

The Local blog site ‘Kids in Ibiza’ featured interview of the author, Jo Gibson. The author was asked questions about her personal and professional life. What brought her to Ibiza and of course her inspiration behind writing such a book.

This is a book about the kids who lost their favorite toys and wonders where they go? Jo, profoundly answers their questions by encouraging their imaginations and giving them a reason to think about their lost toys.

She sets an imaginary parallel world where all the lost toys go and they hang out there. They go on adventures, make friends and have fun. Little do they worry about going home and to get there, they have to endure many challenges.

It is an epic journey of Mousey who gets lost and now she wonders how to get back to his home. Should she wait for her friend or post a lost notice on the Facebook? Well, she seems to be confused and even though she is miles away, her friend comes up with a wonderful idea to make it all the way back home with the help of some new friends.

The author, Jo Gibson is the mother of four. She is also known as ‘Supermom’ by her family and it is when she is free from saving the world from the unpredictable disasters of sibling squabbles, she writes about the wild adventures that she have with her kids.

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