‘The Land of Three Houses’ was presented for author reading

‘The Land of Three Houses’ was presented for author reading

J. Thomas Brown’s book ‘The Land of Three Houses’ was presented for the author reading at Hanover Writers Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club. The author was present at the occasion and he promoted his book at the event.

The story of the book has a protagonist ‘William Sterner’ who is in a pursuit of a better life but he makes mistakes along the way like everybody else.

It all begins in the land of Pennsylvania in the late 1700’s in a place which is called ‘The Land of Three Houses’. He flees with the daughter of a wealthy British supporter, Mary and they start a flour mill at Wissahickon River near Philadelphia which is a success.

William buys a ship filled with 800 barrels of flour and exports it to Livorno, Italy. It was Napoleon who has just arrived there and his troops captured the ship. As he negotiates for her ship, he meets Madame de Staёl who was a very charming lady.

She once said ‘In matters of the heart, only the improbable is true.’ And now in his affairs of life, it is improbable which he has to face.

J. Thomas Brown lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. He has co-produced local TV shows and has also coordinated readings at Richmond Public Library.

He has also written short stories which appeared in the Zoo fence and Scarlet leafs review. He has also written a poetry book which is due for publication in 2018.