Launch Event for ‘Isabel – I’ll Walk with you again’

Launch Event for ‘Isabel – I’ll Walk with you again’

The launch event for Frances Isaac’s book ‘Isabel – I’ll Walk with you again’ took place at Canberra Writers Festival. On Friday 25 August, 2017, at 1 pm, Ferguson room at the National Library of Australia was filled with literary fans to participate in the event.

The book takes us back in Australian history, right at the end of the 19th century. The tale of Isabel is heartbreaking, triumphant, and emotional. The protagonist Isabel has lost the love of her life and while she is mourning, she knows that there is no possibility of a life with anyone else.

Frances Isaac

She carries her haunting past with her and struggles to move past her sorrows. The author has painted a beautiful picture with her words that showcases the resilience of human spirit.

Frances Isaac, has been a writer for over two and a half decades, producing many works of fiction and journalistic writing.


She has produced quite a few literary gems in that time. Her past as a journalist took her on many long travels which gave her the opportunity to research and formulate stories that could touch the readers.

Her latest work is a shining example of her commitment to writing and the intricacy with which she formulates the plot.