Linden Carroll of ‘Olive’ Was at Lynn Valley Library

Linden Carroll of ‘Olive’ Was at Lynn Valley Library

The author of ‘Olive’, Linden Carroll, was present at Lynn Valley Library, North Vancouver for her book promotion. She met the audience there and signed copies of her book. The event was a success for the author and she was invited back for a reading of her upcoming novel ‘Full Circle’, when it is released.

‘Olive’ is a historical fiction, based on the story of a girl named Olive. The story is masterfully written and the facts of the War era make it very appealing. Olive is abandoned by her family, impacting her in all the wrong ways. Becoming a thief and a black marketer, she utilizes her music skills, sex and guile to make her way but there is a price to be paid and her children bear the cost.

The story examines the dominating nature of Olive and how she changed the lives of those she touched. Readers will see the devious nature of Olive, the main character and how her circumstances changed her for the worst.

Linden Carroll is from England and migrated to Canada. She currently resides in the province of British Columbia and likes to hike in the Cascade Mountain area of USA.

Her work clearly reflects the strength and dignity of her people who suffered from Wars in the past.