Living Magazines features article on ‘From Ten Down to Three’

Living Magazines features article on ‘From Ten Down to Three’

An article was posted by the ‘Living Magazine’ on the book of ‘George Roberts’. The article features questions regarding how the author’s personal life influences his writings and what inspires him writing for young adults and humor.

In his book, the story revolves around James, who was once a very good footballer but a sudden collapse after a football game reveals that he has a tumor in his brain.

From his treatment to finding the unexpected love of an erroneous phone call, the author really holds your attention in this humorous yet really thought-provoking journey of James.

The book is a complete mixture of emotions and surprises as you never know that whatever event is happening in James life is meant to happen or is it just merely a coincidence.

Author, George Roberts is a 40 years old regular guy who has been married for the last 21 years. He has two kids and he loves to write.

He always comes up with new ideas which he slowly develops in his mind over a time. George likes to put his thoughts on a piece of paper and is never shy in expressing them.

Besides that, he is helping autistic adults in his day job which he finds really rewarding but sometimes very difficult as well.