Local Newspaper Features Article About Scott Wilson’s ‘Ethan’s Secret’

Local Newspaper Features Article About Scott Wilson’s ‘Ethan’s Secret’

A local Newspaper has featured an article about the book, ‘Ethan’s Secret’ which is written by Scott Wilson. The article says that the main character of the book is based on the story that he used to tell his young son.

The story of the book is about a little kid, Ethan who has a secret to keep. His secret is about talking with animals at the zoo. We know that monkeys can make noise but they can’t speak, lions roar but can’t speak similarly owls hoot but they can’t speak, but can they?

Well, Ethan knows the key to speak to them and he does it happily. It is the little secret between the animals and himself. The animals adore him and they cherish every moment that they spend with the kid. So is the case with Ethan, he loves talking to them and making weird noises with them.

He has many animal friends and all the animals at the zoo know him. He visits them every day and tells them his stories. The author has developed the story with the idea of looking at the animals and knowing what they are thinking at the moment.

The author, Scott Wilson lives with his wife Alison and young son, Ethan. Scott used to make stories for Ethan when he was a kid. Scott would forget the endings to the stories so he thought of writing them down and now upon completing his book, he wants to share it with the rest of the world.