Local Trnava TV station talks to ‘Catherine Siska’

Local Trnava TV station talks to ‘Catherine Siska’

The Local Trnava TV station interviewed ‘Catherine Siska’ of ‘Unlocking the Iron Gate’. The author talked about her personal life experiences, her inspiration behind the book and she also read some of the paragraphs from her book.

The book is based on the era of the 1950’s in Czechoslovakia and other Soviet states that were under the control of Soviet Union. They were locked away from their freedom and from the rest of the world. It was the time of Communism and people were forced away from their families, properties, and religion.

It is at that time when the oppressive system fell down in a small village in Czechoslovakia. Zuzana, wife of Josef must find her ways for survival as her husband is locked away for a short time and he loses his job.

Their youngest son, Pavol, was born under these circumstances and instead of choosing Marxism and Leninism, he opts for becoming a University Professor.

Pavol meets a lot of people and has to learn to maintain his social life along with his faith and his life changes forever after he meets an American girl named Katie.

The author, Catherine Siska was born and raised in Midland, Texas. She got her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Texas Tech University and is occasionally a University teacher of English language at the University of Liverpool.

She currently resides in Holwich and Slovakia with her husband and their children.

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