‘Love to Read Local’ Featured Newsletter for Two Books of David Groves

‘Love to Read Local’ Featured Newsletter for Two Books of David Groves

David Ian Groves’ books were featured in the Fiction, Children and Young Adult sections of ‘Love to Read Local’ newsletter. Both of his books made it to the list of ‘New Titles this month’ which was a part of the September edition of Writing WA’s Love to Read Local.

The first book, The Plagues’ Protocol discusses the threats and dangers to the homeland security from unclear religious terrorism. The president forms a Bureau of Anti-Terrorism to bring the culprits to justice. As more serious incidents occur, the people refer them to the predictions of biblical plagues. The BAT team looks for evidence and proof about the plagues and also plans to apprehend those who are a threat to the national security.

The second book, ‘Naughty in Pink’ is a story of a girl, Daisy Dikdocks who is a headache for her parents and teachers. She is not disobedient but clever enough to be a challenge to all those in authority. Daisy is funny, smart and courageous. She is thought to be the leader of a gang causing troubles for the school, by her principle. Daisy tries to remove the havoc at the school and eliminate favoritism.

The author, David Ian Groves was born in England. He has Ph.D. from the University of Tasmania and has been awarded multiple awards for his research in Economic Geology. He has also been awarded an Honorary DSc from the University of Western Australia.