The Magical ‘Christmas Stories’ will warm your Heart

The Magical ‘Christmas Stories’ will warm your Heart

Lincolnshire Live Newspaper did a feature on PF Farraday, the author of ‘Christmas Stories’. The newspaper highlighted the story of the factory worker who became an international author with the help of his book.

The book contains 12 short stories containing heartwarming tales, which are perfect for the holiday season.

Hailing from Lincolnshire, Peter is a lecturer at a university and a published author. But he had a much tougher life just a few years ago. He had a tough childhood and later he worked 12 hour shifts at different factories to take care of himself.

His mother left him when he was only 13, he told the newspaper while talking about his childhood. He had an older brother who took care of him until he could stand on his own feet.

Even when he was going through this rough period in his life, he loved to write. But he never believed that it would turn into a career for him.

Continuing his struggle, he got the education he wanted and became a lecturer.

It took him nearly 6 years to write the 12 short stories for his book. He reached out to Austin Macauley Publishers and his book was published in the month of November in 2017.

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