A Magical Ladder visited Springfield Primary School

A Magical Ladder visited Springfield Primary School

Lynda Ann Green and Her magical characters from ‘Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder’ were at the Springfield Primary School. The author read an excerpt of the book to the children in attendance and took them along on a magical adventure.

Hailing from Oldbury, West Midlands, Lynda loves literature and poetry. She also has a passion for writing. She has several published stories and poems to her name, this is her first children’s book.

The story begins when Ecky, a magical talking ladder, accidently falls and is found by Mr. Nolly and his pet cat Sam.

When the ladder starts talking, Mr. Nolly knows that it is no ordinary ladder. It also makes his cat start talking. But the ladder’s original owner wants it back.

They band together and form a team that must keep Witch Willowberry away from getting her hands on the magical ladder because she will use it for her evil plans.

She needs the ladder to catch moonbeams for her spells, how can the magical ladder remain out of her reach?

Discover the thrill and humor of this dramatic tale, which will leave you with a smile.