The Mail featured article about Stephen Miles’ ‘Book of Zac’

The Mail featured article about Stephen Miles’ ‘Book of Zac’

The Mail featured an article about Stephen Miles’ third book ‘Book of Zac’. The Article had the subject as ‘Miracle baby inspires Barrow poet's newest book’. Stephen described that it was his great-nephew, Zac, who inspired him to write this book. He was a miracle baby after his mum struggled to conceive him six years ago.

The book includes four rhyming stories about a young boy who is very special in a way. It includes his visit to a football match with his father, him falling ill and watching the events outside in the street from his window and enjoying a birthday party organized by his mom.

The author wrote these stories for his daughter featuring the stories of a young hero modeled on a real boy. The book is beautifully illustrated and the charm of the text is matched by the simplicity of illustrations.

The author Stephen Miles lives in Lake District with his wife and a special needs daughter, Lois. He has been writing stories for her daughter for the past ten years. His inspiration is drawn from the places, events, places and all the adventures that he and his family encounter around the Lake District.

The characters of the book are based on real people and its stories on real events.

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