Media is Buzzing With Brian Robson’s Crate Airmail Dating Back to 1965

Media is Buzzing With Brian Robson’s Crate Airmail Dating Back to 1965

Austin Macauley’s incredible author, Brian Robson, volunteered for an adventure back in 1965. He tells it all in his epic memoir and the media is buzzing with his sensational story.

He got featured by BBC News as he penned down all about his experience in the book, The Crate Escape. You can read the complete feature here

Brian had sought allies behind this crate airmail and this news made it to The Times on Friday, April 09, 2021, too. Two Irishmen helped him escape by airmail inside a wooden box from Australia back to his home city, London. Brian stayed inside the box for four days and the story was also covered by The Sydney Morning Herald on the 9th April.

The Crate Escape has become the talk of the town. The Guardian featured Brian’s reckless adventure, too. Brian was working on a two-year contract with Victorian Railways on an assisted immigration programme in Australia at the time. He could not afford the travelling expenditure at the time so he came up with this reckless idea. The Mail Online lauds him for the guts and bravery he showed fifty-six years ago. Once Brian landed, he was a frozen body – rushed to the hospital immediately. This story has taken the world by storm ever since Brian opened up about it. The Australian and Sky News featured this news that you can dig into here and here, respectively. And now, Brian is looking for his allies, John and Paul. Check out what The Sun has to say Brian’s story here. Get the book to experience his bold adventure here.  

Brian Robson is British by birth and has invested most of his adulthood travelling across Europe and Asia.