Michael J Clark of ‘Message from a Star’ sang a song in support of ‘Help for Heroes’

Michael J Clark of ‘Message from a Star’ sang a song in support of ‘Help for Heroes’

The author of ‘Message from a Star’, Michael J Clark sang a song in honour of the heroes of the war. The song pays tribute to the soldiers around the world who are sacrificing their lives and are fighting for the honour of their motherland.

The book, ‘Message From a Star’ is a story about friendship. Joe and Chad meet thirty years after their high school graduation. Their meeting was an accident but the events that followed on were never a coincidence as they run from the drug dealers, gangsters, and determined cops.

Together they celebrate their friendship by sharing laughs and wistful memories about their childhood over an ice-cold beer. Sooner they become conscious about their youthful appearance. They go to a shop to make them look younger and upon receiving compliments from people about their new looks, they try to push more boundaries.

They start drinking at a club and from there they engulf themselves in the widening circles of disasters. Their friendship is tested at many moments when they set out on an ultimate road trip where they encounter one catastrophe after another.

The author, Michael J Clark has published his first novel recently which is a mixture of humour, romance, wistfulness, sadness and much more. The novel has received very positive criticism from many good critiques. This book is the departure of the author from the profession of songwriting and singing.

Listen to the song by clicking here.