Motherhood Moment features article about Seline Shenoy’s ‘Beauty Redefined’

Motherhood Moment features article about Seline Shenoy’s ‘Beauty Redefined’

The ‘Motherhood Moment’ website has featured an article about Seline Shenoy’s new book ‘Beauty Redefined’. The website quotes the author as, ‘My book, Beauty Redefined, is really a labour of love. It’s deeply personal to me because I struggled with body image issues and consequently it affected my confidence in all areas of my life.’

This book is about the women who have lost their confidence in life and are suffering from the inferiority complex. The consciousness about one’s own body and the universal struggle that women face in finding out their place in this beauty meritocracy and figuring out the sense of worthiness.

It is about finding one’s true self and accepting your body for who you are without asking yourself what are you good enough? This is to overcome the self-doubts and instigate positive changes in the women so that they can embody a wholehearted and conscious way of living.

The author has created this persona of true beauty (TB) for a woman which defines the standards of living for women in order to have a life of balance, accomplishment and fulfilment.

The author, Seline Shenoy is a podcast host, writer and a life coach on the issues of self-development, productivity and wellness. Her inspirational messages attract thousands of readers.

She is a regular contributor to many prestigious magazines and is a truly inspirational person.

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