‘The Mysterious Boy’ makes an appearance at Cornwall

‘The Mysterious Boy’ makes an appearance at Cornwall

Julie Robinson took some time to sign copies of her book at The Bookshop Wadebridge in Cornwall. Fans of her book were delighted to get ‘The Mysterious Boy’ signed by the author.

The plot involves Sarah and Mark, twins that are on holiday in Cornwall. They believe that it’s going to be like just another holiday. Until they go out and see few things that they didn’t expect.

During their adventures they discover a swimming pool that has not been used in a while, a garden that is wild and looks like a forest, a stable and a mysterious boy, who intrigues them.

They introduce themselves but the boy is hesitant at first. He finally tells them his name, Edwin Lavin. He thinks that they may know him already and starts explaining, not knowing the fact that they are only visiting and have no idea who he is.

Twins get to know him and have an adventurous and exciting holiday that is beyond anything that they were expecting.

Julie currently lives in Cornwall with her husband and dog. She has one daughter and four grandchildren. Her passions in life are writing, reading and painting.