News Post Leader Praises Richard Abbott-Brailey

News Post Leader Praises Richard Abbott-Brailey

News Post Leader, the newspaper that covers Northumberland, published an article on Richard Abbott-Brailey and his book ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’.

Diving into the mystery of time, the author takes everyone on an amazing journey of the protagonist. Azarias has a presence in the past and the future. There are so many variables that affect his journey. He contemplates questions that may change the future forever.

Every human being who has lived in this world wonders whether they are the captains of their destiny. And this is what has been explored in this book.

There may be people around you, who you may be aware of or not, that can change your future.

It can be a neighbor with a secret or a politician that you have known personally. The decisions that they make can have dire consequences on your life.

The main character sticks to his mission to change the future for better, even after suffering losses in the process.

Richard has brilliantly explored the complicated topic of time travel and mixed it with real human dilemmas.

A London native, living in Northumberland for a while now. He has worked as a secondary school teacher and also taught drama for a spell.