NEWS & STAR says ‘Mountain Man Duncan Hits Heights with His Debut Novel’

NEWS & STAR says ‘Mountain Man Duncan Hits Heights with His Debut Novel’

The ‘News & Star’ featured an article in the newspaper about Duncan Sperry’s new book, ‘Fault Line’. The article says that the title of the book refers to the physical cracks across the planet which often leads to political divisions.

This is a story about an internet business which is under attack which belongs to Philip Dunstan. His company is being used to cover a global fraud. The scenario also involves the mysterious murder of his right-hand person and the kidnapping of his executive assistant. This gets more personal when the police start taking a doubtful interest in Dunstan. His family is under continuous surveillance and his friend known as ‘The Monk’ is being watched. They are attacked and almost killed in an incident.

Dunstan is in a constant fear as he needs to find out, who his friends and enemies are. This leads Dunstan and The Monk on an expedition which involves them with the world’s intelligence agencies and confronts them with Dunstan’s past on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In his pursuit of neutralizing the threats for himself and his family, he unravels some unknown secrets of a plot that could be used to destabilize Indian subcontinent and subsequently, the world.

The author, Duncan Sperry is an ex-army officer who was a mountaineer, a payment security consultant and an entrepreneur. He has worked in over forty countries, spending much of his time in the Middle East, The Gulf, South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.

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