A Novel that is Ahead of its Time featured on Highlights PR

A Novel that is Ahead of its Time featured on Highlights PR

Azarias Tor: The History Maker’ is getting acclaimed everywhere. It was the subject of an online article published on the popular website, Highlights PR.

Richard Abbot-Brailey’s book was called “ahead of its time” in the article.

That it certainly is, because the book takes us to the past and the future. Azarias goes on mind bending adventure that blurs the line of past and future.

Along the way he explores the lives of people around him and how they impact his own future. The reader is also made to contemplate whether someone is impacting their destiny.

It could be an artist, political leader or just a neighbor, who is hiding a secret that could have unprecedented effects on the lives of others around them.

The protagonist also suffers losses along the way but he sticks to his mission despite his own suffering.

In the end the reader is left with a complicated question; are we the masters of our future or is it being decided by others.

Richard has managed to approach the complicated subject of time travel in a masterful way. His surrounding of Northumberland have greatly inspired him and are present in the book.

Don’t miss the insightful article about the book, you can read it here: http://highlightspr.co.uk/time-travel-novel-ahead-of-its-time/