‘Once Upon a Mouse’ called a “gem in the library” by a reviewer

‘Once Upon a Mouse’ called a “gem in the library” by a reviewer

J. A. Zarifian’s new book ‘Once Upon a Mouse’ has been making waves for its captivating story. A reviewer said that “I can warmly recommend Once Upon a Mouse, a well-written piece of art”.

The illustrations by Daniel Cabuco give the author’s words a new dimension and make the book an experience on its own.

The book is about a cat and a mouse going on an adventure to save the power of imagination. But the story is not about a typical cat or an ordinary mouse.

The mouse is highly intelligent and there is no one more logical than her – she questions everything that doesn’t make sense. The cat is the furthest thing from a predator.

They join up together for a common purpose.

Some stories will take the readers back to their childhood with familiar themes and fairy tales but they aren’t the same stories.

There are twists that they have not read before.

Anyone looking for a different sort of story and new experiences should give this book a read.

The author has been connected to creative arts in one form or another throughout her life.

She worked as an actor and stage director. This is her first novel.

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