Patrick Church takes ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’ on the Road

Patrick Church takes ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’ on the Road

The West Suffolk NHS Retirement Fellowship at the Horringer Community Centre hosted Patrick Church for a book signing. Everyone in attendance was able to participate in the talk afterwards about the international author’s autobiography ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’.

His memoir is rich with details about the cinema industry. He has worked as a projectionist at different cinemas since the 1960s. The interesting and quirky stories he remembers will entertain readers throughout the book.

The story takes us back to the time of huge blockbusters like ‘Jaws’ and how they were received by the audiences. Told from a unique point of view of someone who was always present behind the scenes, the story talks of the highs and lows of the projectionist’s job.

Patrick Church

When TV came around, along with other things that demanded people’s attention, the cinemas were deserted for a time.

Patrick often had to struggle and stay on top of the oncoming changes just to keep his job.

As cinema ownerships changed throughout the years, his job could have ended at any moment. But his passion for the work kept him going, and he survived through all of the precarious periods that plagued the industry.

Even today, he continues to stay a part of cinemas. He works in a Picturehouse in Bury St. Edmunds.