Paul Sorak interview with BBC radio Essex

Paul Sorak interview with BBC radio Essex

Paul has been interested in Science Fiction for most of his life and began writing novels at the age of 16, although ‘Space School’ is the first of his manuscripts that he has submitted for publication. He has worked in the entertainment industry for many years and regularly writes radio commercials and newspaper/journal articles.

He was recently invited by the BBC Essex team to talk about his Science fiction book ‘Space School’. The book is about a seemingly normal suburban High School where the government offers gifted and talented students unimaginable opportunities to develop their skills. Space School is a fast-paced suspense narrative that keeps the reader turning the page long after they planned to take a break.

When a US survey team investigate an area where there is no ice, despite being in the Antarctic, they find more than they bargained for. It could be evidence of global warming gone wild, but the manufactured objects in a newly defrosted crater suggest otherwise. At the same time a deep space observatory detects puzzling bodies entering the solar system. Are they simply uncharted comets or something much more dangerous?

Meanwhile 16-year-old gamer, Josh, is starting his new year at high school, when a summons to the principal's office opens up a whole new world for him, encouraging him to join the school's programme for outstanding students. Soon he has a duplicate, a role in a secret Deep Space organisation and a whole new set of problems.

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