Peteblok YouTube Channel Featured ‘The Graduate Book’ & ‘The Student Book’

Peteblok YouTube Channel Featured ‘The Graduate Book’ & ‘The Student Book’

The ‘Peteblok’ YouTube channel featured interviews of the people who benefited from Chris Davies’ books; ‘The Graduate Book’ & ‘The Student Book’. The interviewees felt satisfied by their experience with Chris and how his books helped in many ways in their professional life.

‘The Graduate Book’ is the first book written by Chris Davies. The author highlights the key issues that are faced by the graduates when they set foot in the professional market. The author says that it is a tough world out there for graduates and they know it. As a result of all this, many students are preparing for postgraduate life before time.

‘The Student Book’ highlights the problems related to students in their college life and what they should be expecting after college life. The author advises his readers about the ways to get ahead of the game while they are still in the universities. What should they expect and what can they do if they have left their career planning until the very last minute.

The author, Chris Davies is the founder of ‘Graduate Coach’. He is one of the profound and well-known graduate coaches in Great Britain. He is affiliated with many multinational companies where he kick-started careers of more than 300 graduates. He pursued two other careers in career publishing and advertising before building successful enterprises.

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