Philip Photiou Held Book Signing  in Plymouth

Philip Photiou Held Book Signing in Plymouth

Philip Photiou held his book signing event on Saturday, July 16th, at Steak and Omelette Bar in Plymouth for his book, The Lamb of God. The book signing will include a small talk by the author and a question-and-answer session with participants. The author signed the copies of his book and interacted with the event attendees.

The Lamb of God is a work of historical fiction. The novel takes place in England in the 1460s and focuses on the kind-heartedness of Henry the sixth, who was also known as 'the lamb of God.' The book's main character, Phillip Neville, is in charge of finding Henry the sixth. Afterwards, Photiou finds the love of this life and peace. This is the second book in Photiou's War of the Roses trilogy.

Philip Photiou has a liking for history and included many important historical aspects in his trilogy. He enjoys talking about historical events and is engaged in various speaking events that focus on history in Plymouth. In addition to speaking events, he also has a historical podcast that he enjoys recording. He is currently working on the last novel of this trilogy.