Phillip J.S. Jones visited Guildford Library for the Book Talk

Phillip J.S. Jones visited Guildford Library for the Book Talk

The author of ‘A Peruvian Diary’, Phillip J.S. Jones visited Guildford Library to talk about his book. The author elaborated the important aspects of his book and what made him write a memoir.

The book contains the traveling stories of the author when he left the rat race in the late ‘90s and after gaining his degrees he went for some charitable activities which lead him to write about this unique insight in the life of a Peruvian Andes.

He went to Peru in 2009 on behalf of a charity work where he finds himself living in a small village. His experience with the people of Apuquri gives us the insight that they still have to be consumed by the 21st century. It is a time and place where people are still living in the old fashion.

The book is full of humorous comments and this is very enjoyable memoir which is a must read for the people who need a glimpse into a living world that owes more to the legacy of the vanquished Incas than the victorious Spaniards.

The author, Phillip J.S. Jones got his early education from the prestigious Vine Comprehensive School. He worked in the construction field for many years which paid him to go surfing in the ‘80s and on his return he acquired many jobs in the construction.

He got his degrees in English and Spanish in the ‘90s and since then has pursued some charitable endeavors.