Pigeons Parlour Tea Room Hosted Book Promotion Event for ‘The Four: Friends for Life’

Pigeons Parlour Tea Room Hosted Book Promotion Event for ‘The Four: Friends for Life’

In Birmingham, the Pigeons Parlour Tea Room hosted the book promotion ceremony for George Rosling’s book, ‘The Four: Friends for Life’. The children loved the event. The staff at the Pigeons Parlour dressed in fancy outfits to make the event more of a celebration.

This is a book about four inseparable friends, Agrippa, Audrey, Basharat and Brielle. They belong from different ethnic backgrounds and share a unique beautiful bond of friendship. Their acquaintance came into being when they were trapped inside the school building after an accident. They learn about each other’s culture and beliefs and respect them. They visit each other’s homes whenever they are free.

‘The Four: Friends for Life’ is an encouraging book for the children who desire to learn about new cultures and ethnicities. The book’s plot is set to expand into other learning curves and adventures for the children.

The author, George Rosling was born in Glasgow in 1960. He is in this process of releasing books involving children from different backgrounds. He encourages the children to make them culturally aware and religiously educated. In this multicultural society, he is empowering the children to teach the adults about their friends from different religions, cultures and beliefs.

He will have the children to participate in different adventures and events and show them to enjoy sharing their celebrations with each other as well as with their families. He wants the children to be proud of whoever they are.