‘Planet Phenexus’ is an enjoyable read for everyone

‘Planet Phenexus’ is an enjoyable read for everyone

The sci-fi book ‘Planet Phenexus’ was recently reviewed. The reviewer said “I really did enjoy this book”. Tenike Marie brought her dream to realization with her first Sci-fi novel.

The story follows the Hall family.

They are a peculiar family that has felt different from everyone else around them.

When they start developing powers, they know that they don’t exactly belong on earth. They learn that they are from an entirely different planet.

As sudden as that, they find themselves on a planet called Phenexus. The Hall family are natives of that planet and it is very strongly connected to earth.

Their new found powers are volatile, so the family must find a way to master them and embrace their own planet while keeping their new home in mind as well. Because if they don’t, earth and Phenexus both may face danger.

Tenike once had a dream that included and she talked about it to her mother, who encouraged her to write it down.

That dream turned out to be the story for her book.

She grew as a writer while writing the book and became more creative and expressive. She hopes to continue with her writing in the future.

This is her first published novel.