Portsmouth Evening News Interviews Michael Sykes about his Fantastic Book

Portsmouth Evening News Interviews Michael Sykes about his Fantastic Book

Michael Sykes and his book, ‘Why the World is Speaking English – A Sideways Look’ have been the talk of the literary world. Just recently the author was interviewed by Portsmouth Evening News to discuss this insightful book.

The “sideways” look into the phenomenon of the popularity of English language around the world is a must read for everyone. The author talks about the current revolutions happening around the world.

First one being the cross-world communication explosion. The more prominent one being, the unusually quick way that English as a language has taken over the world.

It is everywhere, mainly when you utilize any type of technology or communication medium, English is the main mode of communication for people.

Read all the related facts and opinions that show the growing influence of English. The book is an easy read and you can follow all the speculations about the language around the world.

Readers can take in all the information and come to the same conclusion as the author has – English has the chance to become a world language.

Michael was a part of Royal Navy, which he left as a Lt. Commander. He travelled the world and ran a translation agency for quite some time.

He has written various articles for newspapers and journals, and has been interviewed by BBC as well.


For the full interview visit: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/people/the-day-i-had-a-row-with-jimmy-savile-1-8351158