Precious Allen featured on Wit from Whitt Radio

Precious Allen featured on Wit from Whitt Radio

The author of ‘Love YOU for YOU!’ was interviewed on Wit from Whitt Radio recently. She spoke about her career as a Reading Specialist and her brilliant book.

Precious Allen’s book carries a beautiful message for children, parents and adults.

The words inspire readers to make a difference in the life of others. If you are a humanitarian or a social worker, then you must continue to help others in any way possible.

Every line has been crafted to raise awareness about multiculturalism of our modern societies. The negative information being spread all around us should not have a place in our hearts. We should embrace the differences between us.

The book also teaches anyone reading about self-empowerment. Before we can appreciate someone else for how they are different, we must first accept ourselves the way we are and let the goodness in our hearts come out.

Precious is an educator with an M.A. in Reading Specialist. She enjoys her work very much and she is very passionate about human rights.

Her love has been transferred to the pages of her book and she has managed to convey a charming message in it.

Charities, jogging and quality family time are her favorite pastimes.

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