Precious Allen makes an appearance on The Morning Show

Precious Allen makes an appearance on The Morning Show

Author of ‘LOVE You For YOU!’ was invited to WCIA’s TV show for an interview. Precious Allen appeared on The Morning Show and chatted with the hosts of the show about her book and the work that she does.

She talked about her inspirations and the ideals that led her to write this wonderful book.

The hosts of the TV program praised the author for her humanitarian work and the beautiful message that her book sends to readers young and old.


One of the most messages in the book is awareness about acceptance.

The multi-cultural world that we all occupy in today’s age requires all citizens to be tolerant.

Inspiring words are meant for children, teachers, parents, and humanitarians.

The book promotes positive activities like humanitarian works and encourages people to do more.

Another important message that the author has included in the book is self-empowerment.

Precious is a teacher and she believes in human rights wholeheartedly.

She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Reading Specialist.

She works with different charities in her spare time.

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