Pressreleases.Com Featured the Author Chris Davies

Pressreleases.Com Featured the Author Chris Davies

The author of The Student Book and The Graduate Book, Chris Davies was featured by on 11th July 2019. The article ‘Why Graduates Think They Can’t Land Graduate-Level Jobs’. The press release included the findings of the research conducted by the CV-Library with a sample of 1000 graduates aged 18-24. It shared key factors why graduates struggle with the recruitment process. The factors and statistics were;

1.    Determining what job they should do?: 
       90% said we struggle with working out on what job we are looking for.

2.    Writing an effective CV: 
       86% responded that they find it difficult to create an effective CV.

3.    Being successful in an interview: 
       21.3% of the male respondents said that they don’t struggle with the interview.
      Whereas, 8.7% of female respondents were confident about surviving an interview successfully.

The book The Student Book is a helpful read for the school leavers as it has the techniques which will help you find the skill set you have. All the tips and methods shared by the author in the book will clear the air while choosing a career path after evaluating your personality.

The book The Graduate Book is another must-read book for the graduates and undergrads. The book has procedures that can be used while assessing yourself. What job do you want? How to write a CV? What field you should choose? It has everything a graduate looks for.

The author Chris Davies is the founder of the Graduate Coach Company. He laid the foundation of his company seven years ago. Till now he has helped in kick-starting the career of over 300 graduates.