Rachel Bustin Awards 'Curious Beekepper Nina' 4⭐

Rachel Bustin Awards 'Curious Beekepper Nina' 4⭐

Blogger Rachel Bustin has awarded Kristiana Ambrasa's 'Curious Beekepper Nina' a wonderful 4 stars.

A snippet of the review can be seen below:

"Nina is a wonderful character who gets given a bee hive for her birthday. She is fascinated with what they do and when she gets the chance to visit her Grandmother in the country bees are everywhere! She loves learning about what they do and how they go about their jobs. She decides the countryside is where she wants to live, but if she stays she will miss her friends in the city."

The full review can be read here.

'Curious Beekepper Nina' -

Nina, a busy city girl, is visiting her grandmother in the countryside as she does every summer, but this time there is a whole lot more to discover. When arriving in the lonely village, Nina discovers beautiful flowers and tiny worker bees. Excited about what the bees get up to during the day, she heads out every day in search to learn something new and interesting about these busy creatures. 

While the summer is in full swing, Ricky the local postman tells Nina about the autumn farmers' market. As she rushes to get the last few bits of honey from the bee hives, Nina decides that the countryside is her dream place to be, but will she want to go back to her beloved city where all her friends live?