‘Randy The Runaway Raccoon’ was Found at Chapters Indigo’s Shelf

‘Randy The Runaway Raccoon’ was Found at Chapters Indigo’s Shelf

Diana Sare’s book, ‘Randy The Runaway Raccoon’ was found at the bookshelves of ‘Chapters Indigo’ which is Canada’s largest bookstore, in Ontario, Canada. The book was kept on display to catch the audience’s attention.

The book’s story is about a young Raccoon whose name is ‘Randy’. He meets a roaring monster which scares him and he runs for his life but instead, he finds himself in the midst of an adventure which involves ghosts, unknown animals and people who live in a foreign environment.

Randy has never been exposed to the wild before in his life as he has lived and nurtured in the city. He lived with his parents and doesn’t know the traits of the wild but sooner he learns to cope on his own.

He grows up in the wild and experiences new things every day. He quickly learns how to fend for himself and discovers the true nature with all the troubles and pleasures along the way. This is a really fascinating story about the naive Raccoon and his adventures along with many interesting facts about Raccoons and their natural habitat.  

The author, Diana Sare is adventurous by nature. She spends her summer in the wild side of Canada and her winters in remote areas of Panama. She travels a lot and likes to paint. She likes gardening and spending time with her family very much.