Read the Amazing Story of Keith Bullock on Malvern Gazette

Read the Amazing Story of Keith Bullock on Malvern Gazette

An author who survived a cardiac arrest and witnessed the launch of his first book soon after; this is the story of Keith Bullock that appeared in the Malvern Gazette Newspaper and as an online article.

“Nothing compared to seeing my name on the front cover of my first novel” he expressed, while talking about his experience as a writer and publishing his first ever novel.

He wrote his first novel ‘Winning Ticket’ that dives into the life of Rakesh Singh and his family.

Rakesh runs a general store and tries to fulfill all that his family needs from his meagre earnings from the store. But the expenses just keep piling up, with his wife’s dislike of the store, daughter’s aspirations and son’s difficulties. He doesn’t know what to do and how to bring in the money that will take away all his troubles.

Fate finds a way to tempt him when he finds a winning lottery ticket left by drunkard. His faith and circumstances put him in a very precarious position.

The author has travelled to many places and lived in many different countries. He has a passion for writing, which led him to write his first novel. He is currently writing his second one which will be released by Austin Macauley. He expects to continue writing in the future.

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