Read the story of an Ordinary Bloke in ‘Rags to Rags’

Read the story of an Ordinary Bloke in ‘Rags to Rags’

Rags to Rags’ is a brilliant book that tells the adventures of an ordinary man named Cas Amato. It appeared on an article in Worcester News. The publication spoke to the author about his inspiration for the book.

The author talked about his life, saying “I am just an ordinary bloke living an ordinary life with my wife and two kids in Barnt Green”.

Belonging to an Italian family, he was born and raised in England. Cas was involved in so many different jobs over the years, and they turned him into a multitalented person. At one point in time he led a rock and roll band as well.

This autobiography has many adventures that the author has had in his “ordinary” life. There is a hint of Italian culture that still remains in his family and it makes for some quirky situations.

After he begins his work on the book, he wonders if he is being stupid but he concludes that it shouldn’t stop him.

All his triumphs and failures are humorously told by the writer; his travels, work, and rich life make for a very entertaining read. He believes that luck was not on his side all this time but he has lived well even without it.

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