Readers puts reviews for ‘Dragon Wing’ on Amazon

Readers puts reviews for ‘Dragon Wing’ on Amazon

Rebecca Busch’s ‘Dragon Wing’ gets reviews from its readers on The reviewers describe the writing as ‘Great first book from a new author' and 'Rebecca's writing has that magical, rhythmic flow that would provide a captivating listening experience’.

The book is about the story of ‘Sigrun’ who was thought to be a disgrace, the moment she was born and it was all because she was born with dragon wings despite beautiful feathered wings like other villagers.

The story takes a vigorous turn when Sigrun finds out her father is murdered and her brother is missing. She sets out for the search of her brother and to avenge her father.

It is there when she meets a stranger, who joins her in her mission and later on convinces her that her father’s death was just a beginning of a much worse stint and that she must prepare herself for a much bigger cause.

Sigrun uncovers many secrets, the triumph between the war of good and evil, love and the heartbreaking truths.

The author, Rebecca K.Busch was raised in northeastern Michigan and later on moved to Colorado.

She has earned her degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado. She continues to be an enthusiastic reader and currently resides in Dever, Colorado.

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