Rebecca Busch was at Barnes and Nobles for her Book signing

Rebecca Busch was at Barnes and Nobles for her Book signing

Author of the book, ‘The Dragon’s Wing’, Rebecca Busch was present at Barnes and Noble, Westminster for her book signing ceremony. The author appreciated her stay at the store and met many of her readers to talk to them about her book. She also snapped photos with the audience.

This book is a story about a village that wants Sigrun’s life to be extinguished who they think was born with a curse which will bring destruction to their lives. Sigrun was not born with beautiful feather wings like anyone else but she had these dragon wings. She was raised by her father in the village.

One day she finds out that her father has been murdered and her brother is missing. She sets out to avenge her father and to find her brother but on her way she meets a stranger who gets involved in her cause.

He tells her that her father’s murder was just the beginning and now a War is coming. She must prepare for it and should learn that even the closest to her could be dangerous.

In her quest, she finds the bitter truths of life which are hard to swallow.

The author, Rebecca Busch spent her early life in northeastern Michigan. She moved to Boulder, Colorado later on and earned her degree there in English Literature from the University of Colorado.

She is an enthusiastic reader who currently resides in Denver.