Reid’s Reader features review about ‘The Quest- A Collection of Short Stories’

Reid’s Reader features review about ‘The Quest- A Collection of Short Stories’

The Reid’s Reader has presented Nicholas Reid’s review on Yannis Kyrlis’ ‘The Quest- A Collection of Short Stories’. According to the reviewer “The Quest” is the surreal one, of the Alice-in-Wonderland variety with its abrupt transitions. The narrator has literally lost his heart and is fishing for it in murky water. People in-cite him to suicide. He is set before a sort of tribunal, convened in a tavern, which accuses him of willfully losing his heart. His friend and protector are called “the Illustrator.”

The book is about the presence of an individual in the other world which is his consciousness. It is a collection of different short stories which focuses on the abstract, the emotions and the foggy difference between the reality and the dreams.

A man loses his heart and is found by an illustrator who then tries to exchange it. Similarly, a couple while exploring a dump finds an unknown object that calls to them but can they still remain in love if the thing reveals its true origin and its impact on their lives?

And can a Greek young find the answers to his existence or will he keep running for it?

In this uniquely fashioned collection of short stories, the author successfully combines the strange and deep emotions that exist within every man and woman.

Yannis Kyrlis was born in Xanthi in the North of Greece. He has been working there in the private sector. He lives in Athens and has been writing literature for long.

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