The Reporter Features Sue Sibbons and her book

The Reporter Features Sue Sibbons and her book

Sue Sibbons’ book ‘The Alphabet Picnic’ was praised by The Duchess of Cambridge in a letter; The Gravesend Reporter featured the news in an article recently and spoke to the author regarding her book.

When she was asked about the letter she received from the Duchess, she said, “I didn’t expect anything back, I just thought I would send the books because of Prince George and Princess Charlotte - and of course the next royal baby who is on the way”.

In the story, all the members of the alphabet family are out for a special picnic.

They all come out one by one with a beautiful rhyme before they can sit down for lunch.

The illustrations are brilliantly drawn and compliment the rhymes perfectly and guide the young readers and familiarize them with the shapes and sounds of letters.

The writer felt there were not enough books that assist young children learning the alphabets. Therefore, she set out to create such a book herself.

The result is a brilliant book that entertains and teaches kids at the same time. The best first book for your young ones.

Sue is an English native and currently lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband. She is a professional nanny and one of her passions is early childhood education.

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